Tetley Super Tea Break

Tetley’s new Super Teas – the first teas in Canada to be fortified with vitamins in minerals - were launched in late 2018. This new innovation, according to the integrated ad campaign, was ‘not your average cup of tea’ — these were modern teas for modern tea drinkers. To bring this positioning to life in a shareable way, we knew we needed a truly ‘breakthrough’ idea. Working in partnership with Tetley’s ad agency, UNION, we created the Tetley Super Tea Break: a pop-up experience that invited consumers to smash common female stereotypes – literally. Pop-up visitors chose from a collection of teacups inscribed with words and phrases that were historically (and stereotypically) used to describe women – weak, cute, fragile. Then they got suited-up, armed with a baseball bat and invited into the Super Tea Break Room — where they smashed both the tea cup, and the stereotype, to pieces. Over the four day pop-up more than 750 consumers and 60 media and influencers visited the pop-up; more than 4,000 samples of the new Tetley Super Tea were served. But the best result of all? Early sales data indicates that Tetley Super Teas will be one of the brand’s most successful launches ever.